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“How ANY Business Owner with No Marketing Experience and Practically Zero
Marketing Budget Can Get a Flood of New Customers Even in a Lousy Economy”

Introducing: the last word in Marketing for Small Businesses: Chris Cardell’s Ultimate Marketing...

12 CDs to literally change your life.

Dear Friend,

If you’re a small business owner and you’re frustrated at the amount of business you’re getting and the amount you’re missing out on... when you know just one small “push” in the right direction is going to be enough to make it all “click”, then this is the most important and exciting message you could ever read.

Because in this outstanding collection of 12 business-accelerating, profit-boosting CDs, I reveal my most powerful, potent and advanced marketing tools, strategies and techniques which will propel your business from ordinary to extraordinary.

Listen, the difference that makes the difference between just getting by and outstanding success is smaller than you think.
“And it’s not about working harder in your business... it’s about working smarter on it!”
You could struggle for years and years by yourself to gather the knowledge, information, strategies, wisdom and raw marketing savvy already gathered here for you in Ultimate Marketing.

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover in these remarkable 12 CD set:

CD 1 - Ten Immediate Marketing Windfalls to Immediately Boost Your Profits

Instantly boost your profits and get an immediate sense of the possibilities open to you when you decide to become superb at Marketing. On this power-packed “kickstart” CD you’ll discover TEN Marketing and Internet Marketing strategies you can implement NOW to boost your profits. If you put the simple strategies on just this one CD to work for you, it will easily cover your investment for the entire programme.

CD 2 - Advanced Thinking for Entrepreneurs and The Five Golden Rules of Marketing

If you don't have the right mindset it's highly unlikely you'll ever tap your full potential. On this CD, I share exactly what that critical mindset is and why it's so vital for you. I also unveil the five absolute golden rules of Marketing that will create the foundation for all of your future business success.

CD 3 - Essential Internet Marketing for Online Profits

Your Internet Marketing Strategy is an absolutely vital component of your success. On CD3, I show you precisely what you need to do to attract an ongoing stream of visitors to your website and convert those visitors to hugely increased profits. Internet Marketing is constantly changing and it's essential you are up to date with these new developments. You’ll discover how your website should be designed, what it should say, how to increase your conversion rate, how to use Email Marketing for maximum profit - and much, much more.

CD 4 - The Power of Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per Click Advertising on Google and the other search engines is the most important Marketing breakthrough this century. It is quite simply the most effective method for reaching highly qualified potential customers, whatever type of business you're in. I'm probably Britain's leading expert on the subject, so if you've tried PPC and struggled, on this CD I'll show you how to succeed; and if you're already doing well I'll show you how to massively improve your results.

CD 5 - The Secrets Of Writing Excellent Copy And How to Create a Message That Compels Your Customers to Buy.

Your words all that you have between your product and a sale. The good news is, once you know the basics, writing effective and profitable copy for your sales letters, web site, advertisements, emails, brochures etc is much easier than you think. On this CD I share the essential secrets to copywriting success so you’ll easily be able to craft highly professional Marketing messages, vitually compelling your customers wanting to buy now!

CD 6 - Everything You'll Ever Need to Know to Make Your Advertising a Success

The best kept secret in the world of Advertising is most Advertising simply does not work. But on this eye-opening CD, I share with you the advanced skills you need to create outrageously successful advertising. You'll discover the simple but profound changes that can improve the response to your ads by 50-100% or more. I reveal why most advertising is ineffective, what the magazines and newspapers don’t tell you when you advertise with them, why testing is fundamental to effective advertising, how to pay less for your advertising, and how to write ads that really do work.

CD 7 - How to Profit from Direct Mail.

When it's done well, Direct Mail can be the key to a goldmine of additional profits. If you are growing a business, you will want to master this fundamental subject. So, on this CD, I share with you you how direct mail can play a vital role in your business success. I reveal whom you should mail, what you should send them, what you should be saying in your letters and brochures, how to use external mailing lists to increase the number of people you reach, how to find the best lists, plus the powerful words and phrases that can make the difference between direct mail success or failure

CD 8 - How to get FREE PR Coverage in Newspapers, Magazines and on Radio and TV

The ultimate advertising is the FREE advertising that comes with good PR. On this CD you will discover precisely how to target the media and journalists to get your free coverage -- up to £1,500,000 or more from a single press release! I show you how to write a Press Release, which journalists to target, how to convince them to give you massive coverage, how to position yourself as an expert in your business and how any business - including YOURS - can get coverage in the national media!

CD 9 - Telephone Marketing Essentials for Rapid Increases in Profits

One of the most overlooked and powerful marketing tools is the telephone. If you’re not using the phone effectively both with existing customers, and to acquire new customers... you are almost certainly sitting on considerable untapped profits. So in this session I show you exactly how to use the telephone to increase sales without having to use high pressure selling techniques.

CD 10 - Advanced Internet Marketing,

Search Engine and Email Techniques, Including the Complete Guide to Autoresponder Email Marketing.
This CD builds on what you learned on CDs 3 and 4 and plunges you into the immensely profitable world of Advanced Internet Marketing.
Put these strategies and techniques to work for you, and give your business the strong online foundations it needs to thrive. From Search Engine Optimisation to automating your entire email process, this CD is guaranteed to be a goldmine of information for you.

CD 11 - Sales and Influence Skills

One of the most immediate changes you can make to a business is to improve the communication and influencing skills of the key players; but most of us go into business with no real understanding of how to communicate with people in a way that makes them far more likely to do business with us.
That’s why on CD 11 I reveal the world's most powerful Influence and Advanced Communication skills with you - remember, every prospect who leaves your business without buying from you represents wasted time, resources and money.
Caution: these influencing skills are very powerful. Use them responsibly.

CD 12 - Advanced Marketing Masterclass

Finally, on CD 12, you immerse yourself in The Advanced Marketing Strategies, guaranteed to drive your business to new levels of success including. I lift the veil on powerful Referral Strategies, profitable Joint Ventures, Risk Elimination, Marketing for Free plus how to increase your prices without losing business.
To your Success!

Chris Cardell.

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