How to Save your Business from the Big Advertising Scam

It's the best kept secret in the world of Small Business and Advertising.

Many people know it. Very few dare mention it.

The best kept secret in the world of small business is ...... Most Advertising Does not work.

It's as simple as that. The  vast majority of advertising carried out by small business owners is a complete waste of money. It's not that it never works. In fact, done well, great advertising is very powerful. But the truth is, most business owners don't know how to advertise (use of headlines, offers, AIDA etc) the publications either don't know either - or don't care. So the result is, most of the time, it just doesn't work.

There is a scam being perpetuated on the small business owners of Great Britain by the advertising world. It goes something like this........

There are hundreds of publications in circulation, from local newspapers to trade magazines that depend on advertising for survival. Their readership is plummeting and without the advertising, they would fold.

Advertising in these publications often does not work, but they have to find a way for you, the small business advertiser to spend money with them. So they deploy some of the most powerful influencing techniques available.

For example, their telemarketers are some of the most highly trained in the country. They're normally paid on commission based on the results they get. They'll do whatever it takes to get you to part with your money. Their most common tactic is to offer you what seems like huge discounts on their 'standard' rates. Well their standard rates are fantasies pulled out of the sky. They're never based on the actual results your ads will produce.

In fact the fastest way to get rid of an advertising sales rep is to tell them that you'll advertise with them forever - on one condition. The condition is that you pay for results. If they'll run your ad once for free, as long as the ad pays for itself in sales, you'll carry on advertising and paying for your ads forever. They'll hang up on you within seconds, I promise. Because they know that for most advertisers, their ads won't work.

By the way, I've got nothing against powerful Marketing and Influencing techniques. But it's all about intention. I'll be very persuasive in trying to persuade a business owner to try me out because our work transforms businesses and changes lives. And everything I sell is guaranteed - unlike the advertising space in your local newspaper. But to apply such techniques to persuade people to part with their money for something that does not work is the biggest scam the business world has ever seen.

So here's my point:

As a business owner, don't get sucked in by the advertising industry and their unpleasant ways. Yes, done well, advertising can be very profitable - and it's definitely something you should test as part of your Marketing mix. But it's one of around 20 Marketing strategies you should be deploying, including Direct Mail, Referrals, Pay per Click, Display Advertising, Telephone Marketing, Direct Sales and Risk Elimination.

Never fall into the trap of feeling you have to advertise to attract new customers. And when you do choose to advertise, make sure you only pay for results.

What Business Owners are Saying about Chris Cardell 

“By implementing some of Chris’ ideas, we increased revenue within the last 12 months from £450,000 to £600,000. We’re well on target for hitting £1 million by this time next year. More importantly, our profit has risen by almost 75% by implementing the ideas that Chris Cardell introduced us to.

David Morris - Presto Music

“I listened to Chris Cardell’s CDs at least eight or nine times, made notes and made action plans. I’ve had quite a change in turnover. In Year 1, it was very low, under £20,000. In Year 2, it’s between £150,000 and £160,000. For Year 3, I’m projecting £290,000.”

Catriona Nason  Arty Prints


“We have implemented a lot of Chris Cardell’s ideas. We have seen a huge increase in enquiries and conversions. Our enquiry rate is up by by 300 % with an 80% increase in turnover, which I plan to take to 150 % increase over the next two years with Chris’s help.”

Mike Massen  - Gartons Solicitors 

"Chris has been absolutely instrumental to the success of my business. We’ve quintupled our sales. They are five times what they were the previous year. My business is worth at least seven figures and growing rapidly. I’m absolutely delighted that I found him."

Celia Gates - British Consumer Invention of the year winner


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