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Dear Member,

Welcome to this page, which you have been sent to because you were thinking of not continuing with your membership. We aim to handle all membership requests immediately.

First, I do also have a frank, open request for you to consider. I would like you to consider continuing your membership and I would like to offer you a bold, irresistable £2500 ethical bribe for doing so.

Here's why. (If you don't think what I say makes sense, obviously you can go ahead and not stay as a member.)

Of course, it goes without saying that I want you to stay as a Member. But that's not the first reason for you to stay. I want you to stay because my guess is, you haven't yet been able to absorb and implement the material on the online audio and video Seminars - and in the monthly mailings and monthly CDS - and in the 'Essential Profit Straegies' CD set I sent you. If you had, you would be one of our thousands of members making so much money you would love to stay as a member. I passionately want you to stay because our members who do are achieving profit increases of 505 - 250%.

Please consider giving me and you a couple more months for you to see the power of this material

So here's my bold offer to you: If you promise to stick around for at least a couple of months, I will do something extraordinary for you.

I will send you my flagship Business Success Programme 'Ultimate Marketing' which has a full retail price of £2500. Here's what you'll get, in the post:


The Twelve part Ultimate Marketing Course consists of 12 seminars, each at least one hour long on CD. Each one deals wit ha fundamental part of your Business Success. You'll also get the Ultimate Marketing Manual, Seminar handout booklet - and a bonus DVD on how to set up your Google Pay per Click campaign.

Here's what's included (each Seminar on CD is over one hour long)

CD 1 Ten Immediate Marketing Windfalls to Immediately Boost Your Profits
CD 2   Advanced Thinking for Entrepreneurs and The Five Golden Rules of Marketing
CD 3   Essential Internet Marketing for Online Profits
CD 4   The Power of Pay Per Click Advertising
CD 5    The Secrets of Writing Excellent Copy and How to Create a Message That Compels Your Customers to Buy
CD 6    Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know to Make Your advertising a Success
CD 7    How to Profit from Direct Mail
CD 8    How to get FREE PR Coverage in Newspapers, Magazines and on Radio and TV
CD 9    Telephone Marketing Essentials for Rapid Increases in Profits
CD 10   Advanced Internet Marketing, Search Engine and Email Techniques, Including the Complete Guide to Autoresponder Email            Marketing
CD 11   Sales and Influence Skills
CD 12   Advanced Marketing Masterclass

Plus The Ultimate Marketing Manual

Plus Your Seminar Handouts

Plus Bonus DVD


In Marketing this is called an 'Irresistable Offer.' I want to shamelessly ask you to give me the honour of continuing to serve you and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make you successful. So I'm sending you a £2500 course. The Ultimate Marketing Programme is my most successful course ever, packed with everything you need to 

Please select the 'FIRST OPTION' below and your Ultimate Marketing Course will be on it's way.


FIRST OPTION: Yes Chris, I am going to take you up on your extraordinary FREE offer. Send me your £2500 Ultimate Marketing Programme in the post and I will stay as a member for at least another couple of months. I understand that I'll receive two box sets containing a total of 12 CDs, The Ultimate Marketing Manual and the booklet of Seminar handouts. Click Here Now


SECOND OPTION: No. I give up. I cannot allocate even 30 minutes per week to implement the material you cover in the VIP Inner Circle, even though advanced Marketing and Internet Marketing is essential to survive in this Recession. Cancel my membership. I understand that once I leave Britain's leading Entrepreneur success group, I will not be able to re-join in the future. Click here to leave forever  (we'll miss you)